Seller FAQ

Here are some common questions from sellers.


What is a “Listing Agreement”?

A “listing agreement” is a document which lays out the contractual terms between the seller and the broker who will be listing the property.


Who pays the buyer’s agent?

The seller is responsible for paying the listing commission on the home—the listing office and agent then split that commssion with the buyer’s broker and office. Commissions are typically paid only at closing, out of the proceeds of the sale of your home.


What type of information will you need from me?

To do the best job for you, we will need the best information you can provide.  This would include such things as:

  • your financial goals regarding the sale of your home

  • willingness to listen to your broker’s advice

  • flexibility in accepting terms and conditions

  • preferred timing for a sale

  • disclosure as to any defects the property may have

  • details about the positive aspects of the home

Can’t I just sell my house by myself?

Of course.  Historically, many sellers have sold their homes as For Sale By Owners (FSBOs).  Back in the day, buyers would get in their cars and drive around for hours on end to locate a property.  The internet has drastically changed the real industry, with the Multiple Listing Services (MLS’s) and real estate websites now serving as the ultimate source of property information.  However, MLS sites are available only to the real estate agents who subscribe to them.  Having your home listed by a real estate agent vastly increases your visibility in the marketplace.  Statistically, 89% of homes which are sold each year are listed by a real estate agent via an MLS.  

Additionally, it's not just about securing a buyer for your property.  Often times, FSBOs aren't aware of the numerous roadblocks and challenges throughout the closing process.  We want to help protect and advise you in order to ensure the successful close of your sale.   


What if a buyer approaches me directly?

Since our allegiance is to you during the transaction, we would be happy to put them in the hands of a good broker who can both show them your home and represent them in preparing an offer. 


I’m torn between two agents.  Can more than one agent list my property?

Although possible, we generally only list exclusive right to sell listings, which means you commit to using our services only.  We really believe in the quality of our service.

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