'Consider Delaying' Snoqualmie Pass Trip Today, WSDOT Warns

A snow storm is rocking the Cascades and Snoqualmie Pass. The lowlands will see gusting winds and heavy rain.

By Neal McNamara , Patch Staff | Dec 11, 2018 12:36 pm ET | Courtesy of Patch.com


ISSAQUAH, WA - Up to 2 feet of snow could fall at Snoqualmie Pass throughout the day Tuesday, so WSDOT is asking drivers to "consider delaying" and east-west travel today.

If you must cross Snoqualmie Pass Tuesday, be aware that chains are required in both directions: westbound at milepost 56 and eastbound at milepost 47.

And it's really important that you follow the chain rules - for your own safety and your wallet. Washington State Patrol troopers will be out enforcing chain rules. Failing to comply could cost you a $500 fine.

Not chaing up could cost much more. More than half of winter closures along I-90 each year are due to crashes caused by drivers who ignore chain-up requirements, according to WSDOT.

The chain-up rules go for Subaru drivers, too. Here are the the requirements:


  • Vehicles weighing 10,000 pounds or greater – including some large SUVs and RVs – must install chains when traction tires are required.

  • All vehicles, except 4WD and AWD, must put on chains when tire chains are required. However, 4WD and AWD vehicles still need to carry chains in order to proceed across the pass.

  • All vehicles including 4WD and AWD need to put on chains when chains are required on ALL vehicles.

In addition to snow in the Cascades Tuesday, the Puget Sound lowlands will see gusting winds and heavy rain all day.

Image via Shutterstock

Image via Shutterstock