Snow In Puget Sound This Weekend? There's A Chance

Some weather models are predicting a touch of snow, but we're really emphasizing the word "chance" here.

By Neal McNamara , Patch Staff | Nov 29, 2018 1:20 pm ET | Updated Nov 29, 2018 10:33 pm ET | Courtesy of


SEATTLE, WA - If it does snow this weekend, it will be just enough to get you into the holiday spirit. It definitely won't be enough to get you stuck driving up a steep hill.

According to the Seattle Weather Blog, some forecast models are showing the chance for flurries on Sunday morning. Basically, some weather set to head through Northern California this weekend will draw cool air south and into Western Washington. Add some moisture, there's your snow.

But Seattle Weather Blog's Justin Shaw explains it much better:

An area of low pressure will track into Oregon/Northern CA on Saturday, which will help draw much cooler air from the north into Western Washington Saturday into Sunday. As this low continues tracking south, some of the moisture on the northern end will brush Western Washington.

The University of Washington's WRF-GFS model suggests that there is a chance - albeit, a slight one - of some of this moisture falling as snow flurries over parts of Western Washington Sunday morning.

Accumulations would be essentially zilch, with temperatures around 34-35 degrees in spots that do see some flurries.

The chance of snow will range between 0 and 20 percent, with the best chance northeast of Seattle and perhaps along I-90 east of Issaquah. Here's the UW WRF-GFS model. The areas shaded lavender and blue are where snow chances are best.

File photo by Neal McNamara/Patch

File photo by Neal McNamara/Patch