8 Practical Space Savers for Small Bedrooms

Hardworking furnishings, accessories and built-ins will keep your sanctuary tidy and calm

By Becky Harris / Courtesy of Houzz.com

Keeping a bedroom organized and uncluttered maintains a serene feeling. Every inch counts in a tiny bedroom, so a space-saving strategy is a must. If you’re dealing with a small room, consider some of these clever space savers. They may inspire you to shuffle around a few pieces of furniture or complete a weekend DIY project. If you know you’ll be in your compact bedroom for the long haul, you may even invest in hiring a carpenter.

1. Wall-mounted reading lamps. Whether there is not enough room on the nightstand or not enough room for a nightstand at all, mounting lamps on the wall is a great space saver. You can have an electrician hard-wire them or simply run the wires down to plugs below.

Wall lights: E.F. Chapman Boston collection, Visual Comfort via Circa Lighting

2. A dresser-nightstand combo.When you can squeeze a dresser or a smaller chest next to the bed, it will serve double-duty for you — nightstand surface on the top and clothing storage on the bottom.

3. A deep windowsill. Adding a few inches to your windowsill or installing a shelf in a window recess creates a handy place for books, jewelry, charging devices and more. If it’s next to your bed, you can use the sill as a nightstand. 

As you can see, this shelf perches over a radiator. A radiator without a cover or a shelf like this is a missed opportunity in a small bedroom.

4. Drawers under the bed. A platform bed atop deep storage drawers saves your under-the-bed items from dust, and keeps everything organized and easy to access. These drawers can serve as a dresser when there is no room for one. Most important, they may become favorite hideouts for the cat.

5. A Murphy bed. If you live in a studio or if your bedroom needs perform multiple functions, a Murphy bed is a fantastic solution. Designs have come a long way — today’s Murphy beds are tricked out with great cabinet, closet and bookshelf surrounds as well as headboard ledges and reading lights.

6. Built-in nightstands. An architectural approach to bedroom furniture can keep things streamlined and save valuable inches. Here, the nightstand and headboard are integrated into one long wall-mounted piece. This keeps the nightstands off the floor, which not only saves space, but also makes the room feel larger and airier.

7. Display space on the wall. Sometimes you just want to display a few favorite things around your bedroom, but in a tight space, you can’t spare the surface area. Little stands, shadow boxes, floating shelves and wall-mounted crates like these provide good spots for your favorite things.

8. A window seat. If your room has a bay or dormer window, it has an ideal spot for a cozy window seat. It will be dual-purpose if you add drawers underneath.