13 Places to Sneak In a Desk

There’s no need to work at the kitchen table with so many other spots for a workstation at home

By Michelle Gage / Courtesy of Houzz.com

If you don’t have the luxury of designating an entire room in your house as an office, don’t worry: You have other options. Whether it’s a closet or a corner of the laundry room, there are plenty of places where you can squeeze in a desk. Here are 13 of our favorite spots for locating a workstation at home.

1. Bedroom. Large closets in a bedroom can leave you without a need for a dresser. Use that area for a desk instead. In such a soothing space, you can work in serenity.

2. Kitchen. The hub of the home, the kitchen is a natural place for a desk, but don’t expect to get a ton of work done while the family is buzzing about. When dinner is over and people retreat to their quiet spaces, this desk is all yours.


3. Laundry room. Find a nook in your laundry room that can be dedicated to bill paying or homework, and get extra use out of a space that isn’t frequented all that often. Even if you run three loads a week, this room is still usually a quiet place to slink off to.

4. Living room. Don’t overlook the living room. Sneak a little desk action into an empty pocket of space. High shelves above can be decorated with both office supplies and decor.

5. Nursery. Share the nursery with your little one. If you don’t need a ton of paper storage, consider keeping clothes in the desk drawers.

6. Playroom. If you pay most of your bills after the kids are asleep, think about putting a desk in their playspace. They can use it at homework time, but once they hit the hay, the room is yours.

7. Closet. Convert an unused coat or game closet into a mini office. Remove the door and add shelving. A little wallpaper and colorful accessories go a long way toward helping this closet feel more like a real room.

8. Dining room. If you’re in no need of a china cabinet, consider adding a desk to your dining room. You can always keep dishes in the drawers.

9. Basement. If you’re lucky enough to have a large finished basement, you can have a game room and a workstation to boot. It’s the perfect place to take a break from a grueling game of table tennis.

10. Bookshelves. Turn your built-in bookcase into a desk without adding to its footprint by converting what you have to do double duty.

11. Mudroom. Among the cubbies that keep your coats organized in the mudroom, there may be space to fit in a small desk. Differentiate it from the rest of the area with a chalkboard wall. You can glance at your agenda, grab your stuff and go.

12. Entryway. Instead of putting a conventional console table in your foyer, consider going all out with a desk setup. It’ll give you a place to drop your keys and catch up on correspondence.

13. Unused space. Long shelving can turn an awkward nook into a home office. Walk around your home in search of unused space. If you’ve been struggling with how to fill it, think no further: You just found your new office.