Easter Egg Inspiration: 9 Great Ways to Use Pastels

Mint green, light aqua, pale pink, blossom yellow and soft lavender can bring spring beauty into your home

By Becky Harris / Courtesy of Houzz.com

Easter eggs got me thinking about pastels, and when I think of pastels, I think of how bad they look on me (according to 1980s makeup rules, I’m an autumn). And I think that has made me somewhat biased against using pastels in home design in the past. But designers are always playing around with color theory, complementing and contrasting and using their other wizardry in ways that constantly surprise me. So in honor of the Easter Bunny, let’s take a look at some smashing uses of pastels in home decor.

1. Color-blocking. Architect Scott Weston helmed this project, hiring a professional sign painter to color-block soft lime, blue-green and mint on a Diebenkorn-esque wall. 

Paints: Dulux

2. Mixed cushions. The Dutch seem to have this down, particularly Romy Boesveldt and her husband, Ilya Yashkin, the furniture design team behind Studio Roof. The sofa sporting a whimsical mix of multicolored cushions is one of their designs, seen here in their home in Amsterdam.

3. Easter island. I look at a lot of Houzz photos, but it’s not often that I come upon a lavender island. The unexpected color adds a playful touch in this elegant kitchen. Like it’s saying, “I know this kitchen is so pretty that you’re scared to touch anything, but c’mon, sidle up here and get comfy with a cocktail.”

Island paint: Pebble Creek, Benjamin Moore; island counter: White Zeus, Silestone; vent hood: Modern-Aire

4. Breath of fresh air mint.Nantucket decor often conjures visions of a crisp nautical palette full of red, white, navy and brass. But in this home on the island off Massachusetts, pale shades of mint make a guest room welcoming. You can practically feel the sea breeze just looking at the photo. 

Wall paint: Palest Pistachio,Benjamin Moore; beds and bedding: custom, Eric Roseff Designs; chair: Baker; Roman shade fabric:Raoul

5. Appliances. If you’re totally over the usual choices of stainless, black or white, look to companies like Smeg, Aga, La Cornue, Big Chill and BlueStar, which have led the pack in offering a wide range of appliance color choices. 

Refrigerator: Smeg

6. Rainbow risers. Well, not technically a ROY G. BIV rainbow, but pastels sure can perk up a ho-hum staircase. Risers are often sad, scuffed-up white planks — a missed design opportunity. The best news is that these paints are actually available as one handy kit. How easy is that? 

Paint: Colorful Stairs Kit, Quiet Home Paints

7. Patchwork.Decoupaging scrapbook papers into a one-of-a-kind patchwork makes for a fun weekend project that will make a room happy and bright. If you want to practice first, try doing the inside of a closet door. 

If you’re looking for a patchwork wallpaper, Coloroll and Eco Wallpaper have charming choices.

8. Kitchen dill. Yellow cabinets with just a touch of green add zest to this kitchen. I bet this room gets these homeowners going in the morning and helps them feel energized when cooking. 

9. Little pink houses. Raise your hands if you remember an MTV contest in 1984 that involved John Cougar Mellencamp. No matter your association, it’s hard to think of anything sweeter than a pale pink cottage.