20 Houses That Are Clearly Winning At Halloween

By Jeremy Bender / Courtesy of buzzfeed.com  

1. The ‘Scarecrow Is the Best Batman Villain’ House

2. The ‘Any Excuse to Relive the ’80s’ House

3. The ‘Soon To Be Disappeared By The Government’ House

4. The ‘Michael Bay Doesn’t Understand Halloween’ House

5. The ‘Plants Vs. Zombies Is My Life’ House

6. The ‘Desperate Bid for Reddit Karma’ House

7. The ‘Pop is Dead’ House

8. The ‘Time To Finally Use Our Pickup’ House

9. The ‘King Kong/Jurassic Park Combo’ House

10. The Obligatory ‘My Home is a Graveyard’ House

11. The ‘Oh God, Why?!’ House

12. The ‘Everything Is Watching’ House

13. The ‘Not Safe For Children’ House

14. The ‘Slightly Too Realistic Horror’ House

15. The ‘I Love The Simpsons More Than Anything’ House

16. The ‘Use Every Horror Motif Ever’ House

17. The House of Jack, The Pumpkin King

18. The ‘I’m Never Wasting My Time Inflating All These Again’ House

19. The ‘I Hate My Neighbors’ House

20. And Finally, The ‘This Is the Only Decoration Necessary’ House