A Nice Little Desk Just Where You Want One

Do you have a desk area hiding in plain sight? These stylish work perches give rooms extra purpose

By Lauren Walser / Courtesy of Houzz.com

Whether you’re a diligent telecommuter, a weekend novelist or simply looking for a place to store your paperwork, a home office is essential for organized living. But sometimes there aren’t enough rooms in a house. Not to worry; these hardworking combinations prove that you can mix business with pleasure.

Master Bedroom

A custom built-in desk in the bay window of this 15- by 15-foot master bedroom creates a serene workspace. Bookshelves and drawers help hide the clutter when it’s time to turn off the computer and catch some shut-eye.

Carpet: Missile Wheat, Stark; wall paint: Mannequin Cream, Benjamin Moore

If your bedroom is on the smaller side, like this one, a sheer curtain can help create a division and hide a study space while still allowing plenty of natural light into the room.

Here, the homeowner hung an iron curtain rod from the ceiling and used matching clip rings to hang a long, sheer panel, folded in half. A beaded curtain attached to the ceiling in front of the curtain rod adds sparkle.

Wall paint: Lemon Grass, Behr

Guest Bedroom

If you don’t host many overnight visitors, a guest bedroom is an ideal room to double as a home office. Before your guests arrive, clear your desktop to give them extra space to spread out. Be sure to have plenty of drawers and shelving units to stow your documents and to make your visitors feel like they’re not invading your private space.

Bed: custom

Murphy bed folds neatly into the wall of this home office when not in use. When a guest needs a place to rest his or her head, the homeowners can simply clear off the desk, tuck in the chair and pull down the bed.

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Media Room

Eye-catching wallpaper creates a clear division between this television room and the home office. Facing your chair away from a television will encourage you to focus on the task at hand and not the reruns of your favorite show.

Wall paint: Autumn Gold and Straw Hat, Benjamin Moore

Laundry Room

Whites and darks, cotton and wool, bills and bank statements: This 10½- by 7½-foot laundry room can help sort it all. Adding a desk and a tall shelving unit to a room that doesn’t get much foot traffic will let you tackle work projects in peace.

Dining Room

Dinner guests won’t know the hard work that goes on in this room after the dishes are washed. A sleek dining room closet hides an organized home office, and a dining chair doubles as a desk chair.


With matching hardware, drawers and cabinet doors, this office space is a seamless, not distracting, addition to the kitchen.


The space at the top of a staircase can be tricky: It’s not private enough for a bedroom, but it’s not always cozy enough for a sitting room. Rather than let it go unused, add desks, chairs, shelves and cabinetry, and make it your home’s command center. An ornamental light fixture and a collection of family photos help make it stylish and personal as well as functional.

Cabinets: The Kitchen Studio; desktops: leftover walnut plank flooring

Tell us: Does your office work extra hard as a sleeping, cooking or hobby space? We want to see your setup!