Make the Most of Your Window Wall

By Catherine Hug // Courtesy of

The short space under a window can be tricky to furnish and decorate, especially when it hosts a bulky radiator. It doesn’t have to be that way! See what happens when you fit the area with a knee-high library, a sleek storage bench, bedroom dresser drawers or a cozy curl-up zone.

Storage and Radiator Cover

A-base Architekten filled the wall along this apartment’s front window with built-in shelves painted a restrained gray. The half-height shelves serve as a windowsill and an integrated radiator cover.

Desk With a View

A linoleum desktop runs the length of this sunny home office in Stuttgart, Germany. If the sun becomes too bright, the owners can simply move to the shady spot between the windows.

For a glare-free environment, designer Dorothee Strauss chose a dark green desktop material to better absorb direct sunlight.

Sunny Lounge

A huge daybed beneath the large front window of this Melbourne home offers an open invitation to nap, read or enjoy the sun. The base, made of three deep drawers, offers plenty of storage. The lines of the drawers and cushions align with the window frame for a harmonious look.

Another daybed, this one in a San Francisco bedroom, sits flush with the lower edge of a frameless window. Storage underneath can hold all the blankets and pillows someone needs to stay cozy while reading or taking in the view.

Angled seat backs on this long storage bench hide a radiator while offering human backs a place to lean against.

Low Library

The stacked shelves in this knee-height library are made of the same material used on the floor. The unit’s sleek, unified design complements this home’s contemporary lines.

Low library shelves wrap two walls in this Berlin living room.

Built-in Dresser

Storage cabinets flank a heater under the window in this New York apartment. A white radiator cover connects the two units and gives the room a strong horizontal line.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 3.36.11 PM.png

Counterweight for a Long Room

The radiator covers under these windows bring weight and balance to the room, with its dark charcoal-gray feature wall at one end. The surfaces’ height is ideal for lamps, art and coffee-table books.

Drop Zone

Storage, room to curl up with a map or book, and a place to hang a hat — what better use could there be for the space under an entry hall window?

Potted Garden

A simple wooden bench looks great under a window, with favorite plants nicely framing the view. 

Tell us: Have you turned a window area into a personal storage or comfort zone? We’d love to see it in the Comments section below.