Easy Valentine’s Day Touches for Even the Least Romantic

Consider these simple and noncliché ways to show your loved one some affection

By Amanda O'Sullivan / Courtesy of Houzz.com

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, and for those who struggle with romance, this can be a terrifying time. The high expectations and pressure to produce romantic gestures and gifts can be overwhelming, as well as expensive. Not to mention the feelings of awkwardness for those who struggle with expressing their emotions or public displays of affection. I’m here to tell you everything will be all right — take some deep breaths and read on. There’s no need to break the bank or spend hours writing love letters; there are simple but very effective ways to let your better half know he or she is loved and appreciated, all without leaving the house.

Spend some time together. It seems like an obvious and simple thing to do, but it is such an effective way to make your partner feel important. Take the time to sit quietly together, take a walk or have an uninterrupted conversation. Making time for each other is important for couples in all stages of their relationships. Pour a glass of wine and sit and enjoy each other’s company. It won’t cost you a cent, but the time spent together will be valuable.

Get the kids involved. If you and your partner have children together, it’s worthwhile getting them involved in celebrating Valentine’s Day. A child’s drawing of Mom and Dad is precious and personal. An image of love through the eyes of a child will always be pure, and if you’re lucky, entertaining and funny too!

Handcraft some hearts. The heart is the international symbol for love, and there are endless ways to make some yourself. Shape your partner’s food into hearts using cookie cutters, or simply cut out some paper hearts. Folded paper hearts are one of the easiest origami projects and take only five minutes to construct. One would make a perfect heartfelt gift to place on your partner’s pillow or in an unexpected place, like the car or office.

Do your partner’s chores. Is your partner in charge of taking out the garbage or making the bed? Whatever his or her chores are, pick a few and do them first. It’s always a pleasant surprise for someone to discover there’s less work to do than originally thought. And there is no risk of feeling corny or over-the-top while taking out the garbage, but your partner is bound to feel warm and fuzzy knowing you have made an effort to lighten the load.

Give your valentine a favorite food. Making or buying your valentine a favorite food is a simple but meaningful gift. Attach a tag with your partner’s pet name to add a personal touch. It’s simple, cost effective and romantic. This image shows a lovingly wrapped loaf of homemade banana bread. A little “You’re sweet” tag finishes off the delicious parcel nicely.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 2.23.14 PM.png

Create time out. Make your partner take some solo time. Run a bath, add bubbles and pour a glass of his or her favorite wine. If a long soak in the tub isn’t your partner’s thing, offer some favorite magazines and set up a cozy spot for enjoying some quiet time.

Use song lyrics. Do you and your partner share a special song? Or do you share a memory associated with song lyrics? Print out one or two lines of your partner’s favorite song and frame it. You could also write it on a note and pop it on his or her pillow, or simply send it by text message during the day. Be sure to credit the author, and don’t pass off any poetry or lyrics as your own.

Incorporate humor. Humor is important in any relationship, and it can be an effective way to express how you feel while still keeping the tone light and comfortable. The humorous card from Wordsetc is a fun way to say that you have fallen for your partner harder than first anticipated. Pin your card in an unexpected spot so that your partner will come across it during the day.

Have a movie night at home. Enjoy a night in with your partner’s favorite movie. Get out the popcorn, treats, snuggly blankets and pillows for a cozy night at home. If the movie isn’t your usual style, make an effort to look interested. Of course, it is a bonus if you both love the same movie.

Give a thoughtful gift. If you decide to indulge in a romantic gift for your partner, take the time to wrap it with love and care. Personal touches make all the difference. Use a favorite colour, add a heart or two, and tie it up with ribbons or string. Your valentine will certainly appreciate the effort. 

Tell us: What personal touches do you have planned for Valentine’s Day? Share your ideas in the Comments.