8 Eye-Catching Wallcoverings for Powder Rooms

See ideas for giving this small space a big dose of color, pattern and texture

By Jennifer Ott  / Courtesy of Houzz.com

We recently featured bold painted powder rooms and discussed how this space is perfect for letting loose with dramatic color, because they aren’t spaces we spend tons of time in. But paint isn’t the only way to inject personality into your powder room. For those who love wallcoverings but are understandably concerned about installing them in steamy bathrooms, the powder room — typically with just a toilet and sink — can be the ideal space to showcase your favorite wallcovering.

Between the fantastic hot pink and silver damask-patterned wallpaper and the ornate black painted mirror, this powder room exudes drama and glamour. When incorporating such bold patterns and elements, it’s best to keep the color palette fairly restrained, as was done here with the use of just three colors: pink, black and white.

Wallcovering: Elizabeth, Graham & Brown

If hot-pink damask is not your thing, perhaps this neutral-hued ikat-patterned wallcovering is more your speed. This is still a bold choice, due to the large scale of the pattern, but the abstract pattern and toned-down colors dial the drama down a notch.

Wallcovering: Indo Ikat, Phillip Jeffries

This beautiful wallcovering would be equally at home in a modern powder room and a more traditional one. I can also picture it teamed with a variety of different metal finishes, from brushed stainless steel to bronze.

Wallcovering: Tree Circles, Scion

This colorful wallpaper would be overwhelming in large doses — say, in your living room — but it’s a fun choice in this small powder room. Take a tip from this space, though, and make this paper the star of the show; keep all other selections simple, so the look doesn’t become too visually busy.

Wallcovering: Love Monkey Patchwork, Flavor Paper

If you prefer a more toned-down look, consider installing your chosen wallcovering on one wall only, or on only part of the walls. Here the soft, earthy green painted wainscoting helps ground the whimsical wallcovering. 

Wallcovering: Eleonora, Zoffany

Here’s another powder room with a high glamour factor. With the huge variety available these days, wallcoverings are an easy way to personalize your powder room. And while anyone who has ever had to remove or replace wallpaper wouldn’t say it’s a fun job, it is a bit easier to tackle than, say, replacing floor tile, so be bold and have fun with your choice. It doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture.

Wallcovering: Flower Quince, Clarence House

This gorgeous blue metallic wallcovering shimmers in the light. If your taste in wallcoverings runs higher than your budget supports, keep in mind that powder rooms are fairly small spaces, so you typically don’t need a large amount of material to do the job. You might be surprised how relatively affordable a high-end wallcovering can be in such a compact space, especially if you are an avid do-it-yourselfer.

Wallcovering: Gilded Age, Phillip Jeffries

Even though powder rooms don’t typically see high humidity levels, they do still experience a good bit of wear and tear, so it’s a good idea to select a material that is washable, if not scrubbable. Always check with the vendor to make sure you understand the durability of the material you select, and how aggressive (or not) you can be with cleaning.

This stylized floral wallpaper is a nice alternative to tile in this transitional powder room.

Wallcovering: Paradiso, JF Fabrics

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