11 Ways to Add a Splash of Yellow to Your Interior

See how a dab of this sunshiny color can bring warmth and cheer to a room

By Tom Flanagan  / Courtesy of Houzz.com

Color trends come and go, but this year yellow has been the not-so-dark horse in the race. What better way to extend summer’s sunshine than with a splash of yellow inside? While it’s true that yellow can overwhelm, a home that dabbles rather than drenches in it will find it’s a color capable of instilling warmth and harmony into any space. Try some cheerful yellow on anything from kitchen shelves to the front door, a bathroom mirror to a revamped chair — and let the sunshine in.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 5.04.25 PM.png

1. Allow yellow to take the lead. The eye is naturally drawn to the boldest or most colorful feature in a room, so make the most of this unconscious process. At the forefront of a space, a small yellow feature such as a side table can work wonders with a backdrop of white or grey, giving the impression that your room is color-happy rather than color-lacking.

As you can see, this zingy hue is also at home with blush pink, one of this year’s other favorite colors.

2. Give your kitchen some zest. White kitchens are all the rage, but a dash of color can add a twist of individuality to make them stand out. Prints and pictures are a perfect way to introduce an eye-catching feature, as with this zesty yellow lemon print. Throw in another yellow accessory, like the little jar here, to consolidate the lemony scheme.

3. Center it. Yellow can look good anywhere, but a sunny centerpiece as the standalone feature is especially memorable. To achieve something like the wall in this room, choose your perfect golden hue and mask out the shape you want to paint. Now for the clever part: Go over the yellow-painted area with a transparent magnetic whiteboard paint to create a sunny feature wall that’s interactive too.

4. Bring out the best in blue. It’s no secret that blue and yellow work well together, but rather than going all-in, think about the combination in terms of accents. This blue sofa was just another ordinary number until the textured yellow throw entered the picture. Like a sailboat on the sea, a splash of yellow can be all you need to create impact.

5. Go it alone. Why be one to follow the crowd? Yellow works perfectly well with nothing around it. Try a small chair or stool or create a reading nook with yellow cushions for a no-nonsense effect.

6. Make a fresh start. Doors are often overlooked, considered merely a means to an end, but this home’s inviting entrance is a perfect argument for putting that notion to rest. A yellow door opens up your home from the inside as well as the outside, meaning you’ll be stepping in and out with a smile on your face.

7. Spread it out. Yellow works well in multiples too, so go wild and spread it around a room. In this space, a gray background is the perfect canvas for experimentation, and the yellow accents — candles, cushions, flowers and rug details — all help lift the tapestry of gray from the shadows. With dark walls so popular right now, a sprinkling of yellow could be just the ticket for bringing a moody hue to life.

8. Cluster it together. A grouping of yellow can also have the Midas touch. Keep the effects small (even a bottle of hand soap, as seen here, can carry design clout) and pair them with a gleaming white background for maximum impact.

9. Create borders. Bathrooms are often high on neutrals and low on vibrant colors, but, as evident in this home, a dab of zingy color can go a long way. The slim yellow borders make the mirrored cabinets pop, turning what could have been plain background accessories into striking features.

10. Use what you’ve got. Brighten up the simplest of spaces — and in the quickest of ways — by accessorizing with something you might already have lying around. In this case, an all-white display of dishware gets a lift with the addition of one simple yellow plate. You could also use a cup or jug, prop up a yellow postcard or add a bowl of lemons for the same effect.

11. Plan to party. A vibrant color shouldn’t be hidden away — yellow is your perfect party guest! For occasions when you need to liven things up, opt for small accessories that will have the whole house beaming. A string of yellow pompoms around a door or window frame could add a festive touch to enjoy all year round.

Tell us: Have you used yellow in your home? Let us know how in the Comments.