Small Space Living: 10 Ways to Boost Your Bedroom Storage

‘Small space’ doesn’t have to mean ‘no space’. See how to make the most of a small bedroom and squeeze in some additional storage

For many of us, an uncluttered bedroom is the ideal – not just because it looks calm and ordered, but also because it feels more spacious, too. Multi-tasking furniture, bespoke features and space-smart tricks are the key to fitting lots of things into not so much room. Here are 10 ways to get more storage space into your small bedroom.

Nestle in a niche
I could go on and on about how great niches are for storage – they’re unfussy, make good use of wall space (while leaving valuable floor space free) and can make for a visual feature with simple ornaments. If your wall is suitable (a stud wall), carve out a niche either side of your bed for bedside table stand-ins, or above your headboard to store and display anything from books to photos.

Make everything multi-task
This mini bedroom has fitted in an amazing amount thanks to clever planning. Placing the headboard on the long side of the mattress turns it into a daybed/plush sofa, and the lowest narrow shelf doubles as a desk. If you’d prefer more sleep space to having a desk, place the shelves higher to fit a bigger mattress underneath.

Elevate your bed
The thing about beds is, you generally spend most of your time lying horizontally on them, so you don’t need much height above them. Beds take up a lot of floor space, so elevating one means you’ll have plenty of extra room below for other things, such as a desk or sofa, or even a dressing table or chest of drawers. 

Here, having ladder rungs fixed to the wall rather than the bed means there’s room for extra shelf space in the unit.

Maximise under-bed storage
You can’t look past under-bed storage when it comes to a small bedroom. Many beds come with pull-out boxes designed to fit, but if yours doesn’t, it’s worth having some tailor-made to slot into the space exactly, so you don’t waste an inch.

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Custom-make your fixtures
Not only does this built-in bed have practical under-bed storage and a connected headboard in the same material to minimise visual clutter, it also has a handy outshoot that triples as a bedside table, shelf and seating. 

Ask your designer what bespoke fixtures he or she can make to suit your small space, so you can capitalise on every inch and potential function.

Pare back to basics
The best way to personalise storage to your requirements without going down the built-in route is to mix and match rails and shelves to get the exact combination you need without introducing bulky pieces of furniture. The shelves, hanging rail and console table here take care of clothes, shoes and extras such as books without encroaching heavily on the space.

Go wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling
If you don’t have much space for tables, drawers or shelves, building high and wide is the way to go. These wardrobes wrap efficiently around the doorway and include spacious closets for clothes, plus six, decent-sized cupboards for out-of-season pieces and infrequently used items. 

The closet doors slide, so they don’t encroach on the space when they’re open, and the plain white paintwork and neat handles keep the look minimal.

Sacrifice some ceiling height
If you have a high ceiling, it’s possible the extra head room could be turned into something more functional. This drop ceiling hides lighting, but the idea could be copied to create space for storage boxes. Have a professional build a structure like this for you to be sure it’s safe and can take the load.

Tailor every inch
This bedroom is a masterclass in using every inch of storage space. Fitting a shelf bedside table instead of a freestanding one means the cupboards can run right to the floor. Inside, everything from drawers and shelves to hanging rails organise the clutter. 

The fuss-free, crisp white doors with push catches keep the look as streamlined as possible, making the bed centre stage and the storage all but disappear.

Keep it low
If you have a sloping ceiling, try keeping all your furniture, including the bed, low. Not only will low furniture create a more spacious feel, it will more easily slot into awkward corners. In this room, for instance, because the bedside table is low down, it has a good-sized top without it having to push out into the space too far.

How have you overcome lack of storage in a small bedroom? Share your tips and photos in the Comments below.