Bathroom Ideas: 10 Bold Modern Bathrooms to Tempt Even the Colour-shy

Tired of your all-white bathroom but cautious about colour? Adding a single, bold hue is a stylish way to freshen up any scheme

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We tend to think that ultra-modern bathrooms can only wear white, white and nothing but white, but these fabulous schemes prove that a bold block of colour is just the thing to transform your space. Be it multi-coloured tiles, a splash of citrus yellow on the wall or an ongoing crush on all things grey, powerful shades are here to stay. Check out these 10 colourful bathrooms to see if you agree.

Say hello to yellow
Look how bright and cheerful this space is, with a block of citrus yellow tiling along one wall. The vibrant hue is anchored by a crisp white base, with the yellow picked out as an accent on the floor tiles It’s a sunny, contemporary colour fix that is guaranteed to start your day the right way.

Brighten up with turquoise
This vibrant shade packs a real punch in this room, creating a breezy coastal feel that’s perfect for relaxation. It’s offset with zingy yellow grout, a dark-wood vanity unit and pure-white basins to make it one seriously stylish sanctuary.

Feel the power of purple
The bold use of regal purple in this bathroom gives it a striking and memorable aesthetic.

It’s a clever design choice too, adding a regal feel to a large room adding warmth and interest. The gold mirror adds extra depth and sparkle.

Rev up with ruby red
If a fiery red doesn’t immediately spring to mind when planning your dream bathroom, try giving it a second thought. As the coating on a roll top bath it adds a rich and opulent touch to a simple scheme. Keep fittings simple and timeless so as not to detract from its impact.

Give in to grey
It is so versatile and so now that it’s a shame not to carry on championing grey in your bathroom. The great thing about it is that there are so many different shades that create such different effects – from pale pebble, to charcoal and slate. So whether you’re looking for something light and airy, or mysterious and moody, why not give grey a go?

Go ahead with green
From soothing jade to earthy olive tones, the colour green – in all its variations – won’t fail to bring a calm yet uplifting spirit to any bathroom.

A top tip is to echo your colour of choice in the grouting to inject a little life into your tiles. It really is the smallest touches that have the most impact!

Be inspired by gorgeous coloured grouting

Pick out pink
Be it a relaxing dusty rose or a vibrant fuchsia, don’t be afraid to add a little verve and vigour to your bathroom with a lick of pink paint. You’d be surprised how much it can lift a space and add a warm, cheery mood, too.

Add a citrus zing
For those lazy mornings when you don’t immediately have a spring to your step, there’s nothing like a brightly coloured orange bathroom to wake you up for the day. It’s spirited, strong and seriously unforgettable…

Make it majestic with metallics
Whether copper is your thing, or you prefer a little brass or perhaps a hint of gold, using metallics in your bathroom is a surefire way to give it a little opulence. The sense of luxury will elevate a scheme that’s quite plain to a glam-packed space that you won’t want to leave.

Dare to go dark
Give it a go, you might surprise yourself. A black bathroom will be perfect for those long winter evenings when the only reasonable thing to do is soak in a hot bath with your favourite book. It’ll soon become the perfect space in which to hibernate and totally unwind. 

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