8 Quick Fixes to Cozy Up Your Sleep Space

Autumnal hues and rich textures will help create a snug bedroom you won’t want to leave

By Karen Wilson  /  Courtesy of Houzz.com

As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, the bedroom becomes even more of a sanctuary from the world. But what works in summer doesn’t always feel right when autumn arrives. Rather than embarking on a complete revamp, take inspiration from the fall hues outside to make a few quick changes that will transform your bedroom into a cozy, linger-worthy retreat.

Layer up chairs. Sheepskins are one of those versatile items that seem to work all around the home. If your bedroom is big enough for a chair or chaise, layer it up with sheepskins, which can then be reused elsewhere, such as on dining chairs when friends are over.

Flip your curtains. Double-sided, reversible curtains are a wonderful way to create a completely different atmosphere when a new season arrives. Opt for a rich velvet for autumn-winter backed with a spring-summer floral that can be switched around whenever the mood strikes. Doubling the fabric means added insulation too.

Find your dream rug. A cold, hard floor is unlikely to entice you into — or especially out of — bed in the cooler months. But even if you have carpet, a long-pile textured rug is an instant game changer when it comes to cozying up your bedroom. Make it supersized, extending under the bed if possible, so there’s little chance of slippage.

Mimic autumn’s colors. Take your cue from nature and the changing leaves by introducing a few accent accessories in burnt orange, golden brown and eggplant. It’s amazing how a few cushions, a throw and new lampshades can transform the feel of a bedroom.

Add a stylish headboard. The first thing you see when you walk into a bedroom is, of course, the bed, so make it pack a punch by adding a sumptuous headboard. The more layers and textures in a room, the cozier it feels, so choose a beautiful, oversized, padded design like this in a touchy-feely fabric, such as satin or velvet, for maximum impact.

Go for a throw. Invest in a faux-fur throw, which will see you through winter and make your bed as snugglesome as possible. If you can find the perfect versatile shade, all the better, as you’ll inevitably be toting it into the living room for use there as well. Alternatively, a plaid wool throw combined with classic Harris tweed cushions will work wonders in a more traditional bedroom.

Keep lighting subdued. Candles are such an inexpensive way to add a magical ambience to a room, so go for an abundance of mini groupings to create lots of little pools of light. Add some fairy lights around the bed and lamps on dimmers to complete the mood.

Wow with flowers. A dash of high-intensity fall color, such as russet, amber or burgundy, in the form of plant life can really bring your bedside alive. Opt for berry branches, tall-stemmed blooms or Chinese lanterns if you want to create a stunning sculptural display. And if you’re lucky enough to also have a fireplace in your bedroom, the scene will be swoon-worthy.

Tell us: How do you make your bedroom cozier as the season changes? Share your tips and photos in the Comments.