Welcome Winter With Mood-Enhancing Lights

It’s true the nights are getting darker earlier, but before you book your ticket to somewhere sunnier, explore other ways to brighten up your days. The right illumination can transform a room and also act as a stylish focal point. So invest in an attention-grabbing light or two and start looking forward to sundown.

Show your sassy side. Think beyond a little lamp to light your paperback and make a statement with a personality-packed piece. The right light can really set the tone of a room, adding energy and a touch of cheekiness. Grab the chance to have your name in lights or say something else entirely. Just remember to choose your words carefully.

Introduce quirky color. A hardworking kitchen is a great place for injecting a bit of fun. Replace sensible pendants with something unexpected, such as these bright colanders, and even the cloudiest of November days won’t get you down.

Overdose on glamour. It’s hard to do full-on sultry decadence with the sun still streaming through the window. The longer hours of darkness offer an opportunity to turn up the glitz and treat yourself to some attention-grabbing light fittings. This matching set diffuses the light beautifully and resembles a pair of diamond-encrusted waterfalls.

Lower the level. You may feel deprived of sunlight, but harsh lighting is never a good idea. Instead, indulge in the ultimate in low-level illumination — candlelight. The more candles you use, the more impressive the effect. Lanterns add to the romance of the setting and are the safest option if you’re putting candles on the floor.

Share your mood. Ingo Maurer’s Zettel’z light may be more than 15 years old, but it seems as innovative as ever. Adorn it with pleasing thoughts and elevate a simple light to the status of poetry. This is an investment piece that will endure and evolve.

Embrace nature. Whether you’re living in the heart of the countryside or are more of an urban jungle dweller, make room for natural materials and organic shapes. The sculptural quality of these antlers makes them a fascinating framework for this light, which will look all the more gorgeous when the snow starts to fall.

Do crystal with a difference. Add just a hint of grandeur (with tongue firmly in cheek) by employing the classic English traditions of the predinner drink and the decadent chandelier. The sherry may be finished, but warm glows abound thanks to these Lee Broom designs, which turn convention on its head.

Dare to go bare. The trend of going lampshade free continues apace as decorative filament bulbs become increasingly available. And as if the little beauties weren’t pleasing enough, colored cords have come along to add to their fabulousness. The scribbly mix in this kitchen adds both color and fun.

Deconstruct a classic. Chandeliers have been the mainstay of statement lighting for centuries, so a pulled-apart version of the classic is witty, refreshing and reassuringly familiar. This elegant line is utterly contemporary without being completely off-the-wall.

Add sparkle to your patio. A crisp night sky can be enjoyed at any time of year. All you need is the right clothing and enough light to see where you put your hot chocolate. Outdoor fairy lights create a twinkling, upbeat mood — drape them on trees and bushes, or you could try an ingenious bit of upcycling, as with this inventive crate, experimenting with various fun looks.

By Jo Froude / Courtesy of Houzz.com